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Urban design analyses often include the urban fabric, the density of buildings and people, the transportation networks, topography, allocation of functions and sometimes not visible issues like political borders, flood-risks, and climate influences.

But what about the property/ real estate market? To analyse an urban conglomerate like a metropolitan area in Asia, the facts and figures about the property market gives you many valuable information about the past, the ongoing and the future development of a city.

The various benchmarks you can gain out of a property market analyse like apartment sizes, apartment rents, property values, can be used to generate new ways of visualisations of an urban area. the three most usful visualisations are a heatmap (1), a heat-knot network (2), and a cloud chart (3). All of them are used in the propertydata.asia reports and surveys of several emerging property markets in soth east Asia (e.g. Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh city, jakarta, Bali,…)

1. property heatmap

The color graduation represents the average apartment / condo values per district in a metropolitan area like Ho Chi Minh City or Bangkok.

property heatmap Ho Chi Minh City

property heatmap Ho Chi Minh City

property heatmap Bangkok

property heatmap Bangkok

2. property heat-knot network

The color graduation represents the average apartment / condo values in a 500m radius around a public transport station like for example the bts & mrt lines in Bangkok.


property heat-knot bangkok bts and mrt network

Each station has an own price allocation and along the whole line these values form a price topography. below you see the condo values along the bts Sukumvit line in bangkok.


property prices bangkok bts sukumvit line

3. property cloud chart

Every monitored unit is represent by a circle in the color of the apartment size (amount of bedrooms, studio to 5 bedrooms). The axes size and property value forms a propertycloud and an resulting line (size – price) for the average condominium.


property cloud chart Bangkok condo market



propertydata asia

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