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mega-urbanization and “supertowns” in the Jakarta-Bandung region

The physical development of Jakarta Metropolitan Area (JMA – Jabodetabek) and Bandung Metropolitan Area (Bandung Raya) has formed an urban belt form Jakarta to Bandung of about 200 kilometers long, reflecting a formation of mega-urban region characterized by a mixture of rural and urban activities and a blurred rural-urban distinction in Jakarta-Bandung Region (JBR).



Post Sub-Urban developments: “Supertowns”

The recent large-scale residential areas and new town development in the outskirts of Jabodetabek are characterized by low density, single-family houses, and exclusive residential for middle and upper income groups. It has greatly reinforced spatial segregation in the area in three respects :

    1. It has polarized upper and middle income groups of Jabodetabek inhabitants, resulting in several pockets of exclusive residential areas with better infrastructures, security, amenities and facilities.
    2. It has created social segregation within the new town itself, in which the lower high class and middle class live a part of the area, that is exclusively planned for the highest security possible. In fact, it becomes gated communities.
    3. Management of city development in several new towns is implemented by the private sector exclusively, instead of by the city government, not allowing residents from outside the new town to use the facilities and amenities.

Some of these new towns in the peripheral areas have developed from merely dormitory towns become an independent and strong economic-base towns and small cities, including Jababeka, one of the largest manufacturing concentration in Indonesia.

surce: Tommy Firman; Change and Continuity in the Development of Jakarta Metropolitan Area

Cikarang Industrial City

Cikarang is an area that includes the government of Bekasi Regency in West Java in Indonesia.

Currently, Cikarang city grew as an industrial city. Here, industrial activity is very prominent. Looks from the many industrial areas began to spread from the West Cikarang (Cibitung) to South Cikarang area. Some well-known area is located in MM2100 Cikarang Barat, Kota Jababeka, Bekasi International Industrial Estate (BIIE) or the Hyundai Industrial Park, East Jakarta Industrial Park (EJIP) and Delta Silicon Industrial Park.

Cikarang Industrial City is supported by housing complexes scattered around the Cikarang industrial park. This residential area stretching from Tambun, Cibitung, Cikarang, Serang, Setu and Cibarusah. Some residential areas are quite well known Jababeka and Lippo Cikarang. Two of these housing complexes located adjacent to the Industrial area.

The newly opened Cikarang Dry Port provides integrated port and logistics facilities and serves as an extention of Tanjung Priok Port. It is strategically located in the heart of the largest manufacturing zone of Indonesia along the Bekasi-Cikampek corridor and is accessible via highway and railway system.

Source: wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cikarang



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