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The Property markets in the emerging countries of Asia are booming and have a significant importance in the local economies and societies. A new approach to monitor these property markets in metropolitan areas is the use of web scraping (web harvesting) technologies. The collected raw data is analyzed and further processed with specific data mining software. The result are easy to understand visualizations of the property market benchmarks and values of the important indicator like sqm-prices allocated by area, property type and segment.


data accumulation
The  innovative data collecting procedures is combining advanced software tools and human quality checks. The property data is for each individual property market aggregated from 8-10 different sources and contains thousands of listings. The result is therefore a very stable and wide overview of the monitored property market. It’s aimed to get a full survey for each property market and the evaluation of these data is conducted on a quarterly basis.


emerging property markets in south east Asia

emerging property markets in south east Asia

      • Bali >>>
      • Bangkok >>>
      • Ho Chi Minh City >>>
      • Hong Kong
      • Jakarta >>>
      • Kuala Lumpur
      • Manila
      • Singapore

The establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community by 2015 will also has a positive impact and effect on these property markets.

Based on the aggregated real estate data, urbanalyse developed a cutting edge analysis method to visualize the property benchmarks in a compact and easy to read survey.
All values and benchmarks are grouped (disaggregated) into individual segments between five percentiles (10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90%) and therefore makes it possible to analyze different property price categories.

propertydata asia

price allocation
A percentile (pctl) is a statistical measure. It is the value of a property offer that has a certain percentage of other offers that fall beneath it. The n% percentile of the price allocation is the value that cuts off the first n percent of the property offers when it is sorted in ascending order.
For example, the 30% percentile is the value below which 30 percent of the property offers may be found. The 50% percentile is known as the median and forms the boundary between the expensive and the inexpensive half of the property offers. Five useful property segments are grouped between these percentiles.

      • >90% percentile: high end segment
      • 70% – 90% percentile: expensive segment
      • 50% – 70% percentile: upper midfield
      • 30% – 50% percentile: lower midfield
      • 10% – 30% percentile: cheap segment

propertydata asia

propertydata.asia reports
An innovative and comprehensive way to obtain information about property market data.

propertydata asia reports

      • propertydata asia | monitoring the emerging property markets in south east asia:
      • property / apartment prices in Bali, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta
      • property benchmarks for  Bali, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta
      • property market overview at a glance, property reports

propertydata asia

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