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a new toolbox for sustainable real estate design in southeast asia.

ecotool is a adoptable system to improve the project sustainability in the context of southeast asia with the main goal to improve the living quality, optimize the investment in a long term thinking combined with a responsible use of natural resources.

ecotool is not a label and rating tool, it’s a flexible toolbox for the building design process. The focus is on concepts and actions with a high leverage and large effect on the targeted goals. An economy of means as a basis of design process is as important as the maximization of energy efficiency of the building.

- Simple, passive, stable, good-natured systems (more passive, less active systems to control the internal climate)
- Consideration of the economic and technological level in south east asia
- Economically viable measures
- Prevent adverse and promotion of desired effects
- Respect the physical principles


ecotool system is based on three aspects:


Context - Passive Energy Performance

Preserving and adequate handling as well as usage of existing resources.


Usage - Active Energy Performance

Reduction and optimization of required building energy.


Building - Static Building Performance

smart concepts and appropriate constructions,
“form follows climate and function”

The three main aspects of ecotool are divided into several sub points with individual approaches.

      • Wind fostering and use of cross ventilation and buoyancy ventilation
      • Sun reducing the heat gain
      • Water minimize water use and groundwater preservation
      • Landscape greened, natural surroundings
      • Energy Generating use of renewables energy
      • Cooling/ Dehumidification / Ventilation energy efficient systems and healthy living climate
      • Light optimized use of artificial light
      • Water optimized use of water and improve of water quality
      • Monitoring & Regulation monitor and control energy consumption
      • Overall Design efficient concept and disposition
      • Structure sustainable, adequate to climate and functions
      • Envelope separation between interior and exterior climate
      • Construction/ Materials quality & sustainable materials


The big advantage of the ecotool system is the modular structure of individual measures in a toolbox. It’s therefore possible to apply the most suitable measures depending on the context and function of each project and thus achieve the best result regarding sustainability.
Sustainability is not a “yes or no” question but rather one with many gradations and ecotool helps you to find for each project and purpose the best result.
Through the qualitative and not quantitative approach of ecotool, it can easily be used to compare multiple projects or expansion stages together.

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Project example/ clients

green property development indonesia (gpdi):
- ecoloft Jakarta, Q1 2013, (>>>)






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