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public housing Jakarta Marunda

The 1.3 ha site is in Jakarta Marunda located. This area is used by the Jakarta authorities to relocate slum dwellers into new living blocks. The existing urban plan is mono functional, living focussed, and with a lack of public transport possibilities.

This new type of public housing block is implementing a multifunctional use and tries to reactivate the economical power of commercial orientated ground floors.

marunda_siteplan_1 marunda_siteplan_2


public housing block: 3 or 4 upper floors, 47 living units and 8-12 shop-duplex unitsmarunda_visu_axo

project visualisations: outdoor & indoormarunda_visu_outdoor

sustainable building concept: based on the ecotool framework marunda_visu_axo-cut

living units: 30 sqm for one family (4 persons)


shop-duplex unit: working and living for one familymarunda_axo-shop




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