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Standardised analysis of investment properties.

«Renovation? Remodel? Rebuilding?»
During the usage period of a property, in addition to the age-related condition of the structure, the surrounding area and the needs of the users may change, as well as new technological advances may become available. Therefore the property should be re-evaluated from time to time, to make sure it still provides an appropriate and sustainable return on investment.

Analysis of the macro- and the micro-location, in addition to a market analysis offer the basis for determining possible additional potential. The real estate object’s strengths and weaknesses are evaluated using the “redcheck” framework with the four dimensions of architecture, economics, ecology, and building stock.


The redcheck finally determines a development strategy (“redevelopment“, “reconstruction“ or “replacement“) for a property and therefore supports the property owner in his investment decisions. The recommended development strategy is evaluated in detail regarding its architectural quality, and its expense and income ratio (return on investment).
Analysis, development strategy and recommendation are presented in redcheck in a transparent and easy to understand way.

Redcheck is useful for properties with existing or planned residential use of up to 30 units on a plot no bigger than 3,000 m2.

Redcheck was developed in 2011/12 in cooperation with “Brühlmann Loetscher Architects” and has been offered and in use jointly since then.

      • redcheck.ch for properties in the greater Zurich area /Switzerland: http://www.redcheck.ch/
      • redcheck.asia for properties in asian cities is in development and will be launched soon: interested?



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