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dental clinic “gleis10″

A dental practice was planned for and built into the area and structure of two apartments. A dental office which a patient likes to remember, and which differs from the more common design of other dental offices.



The basic concept consists of a core volume, which allows for additional use and special use areas, like reception, waiting room, break room, restrooms. The treatment rooms Moneygram transferencia de dinero were arranged along the periphery of the facade, and separated by glass walls. Materialization remained simple and among other items, the concrete ceiling was only whitewashed. The floor covering has wood accents, and the outer side of the center area were kept dark and accentuated with copper colored plywood. In contrast to the center area, the treatment rooms are flooded with natural light and kept bright.

Project info:
dental practice “gleis10
interior design concept, 2010 – 2011
client: Dr. Christian Bühler, Winterthur/ Schweiz
construction planning: Dahinden Heim Architekten


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