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clockworks carpark tower

“Clockworks” is a precise machine that assembles two different parking systems and various public spaces into a vertical sandwich construction inserted into urban Bangkok and conected to the BTS and MRT networks.

park & ride carparktower in Bangkok

The open structure articulates the double helix ramp system of the lower levels and the vertical car elevators of the upper levels with entry, lobby, bar, and event space in-between. dfwforhire.com Economically sustainable, tapered thin concrete plates float beyond the vertical structure, corners cut on alternate floors to reduce the construction materials to a minimum.
Electric car docking stations and rooftop wind turbines with urban farming initiate social and environmental sustainability.

construction principle

movements principle


Skywalk access to the carpark tower lobby

parking floor with public bar

key facts:
parking space elevator parking:
parking space ramp parking:
parking space total:
capacity car elevator:
capacity car ramps:
capacity total:
56x45m = 2’500m2
450 cars (7 Floors)
1’050 cars (16 Floors)
1’500 cars
225 cars/ h
950 cars/ h
1’175 cars/ h

„clockworks carpark tower“ is based on a Hong Kong competition project developed 2011 in the architecture office agps.




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