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According to the task the team is compiled accordingly and directed by Lukas Guy Schnider. It’s intended to amplify the Swiss know-how with local experts.

. Lukas Guy Schnider
Master of Science ETH in Architecture
Master of Advanced Studies ZFH in Real Estate Management

- 10 years professional experience in the planning and management of large architectural projects.
- Master of Architecture from the renowned ETH Zurich / Switzerland
- Economic postgraduate degree at the HWZ in Real Estate Management


Lukas Guy Schnider has extensive experience in architectural design, real estate management, and property valuation. After receiving a Masters degree in Architecture from ETH Zurich, he subsequently acquired a post graduate degree in Real Estate Management from HWZ in Zurich and worked for almost ten years as senior project architect on large commercial and residential projects at agps.architecture. In addition he designed and supervised several urban planning projects and urban studies in the Zurich metropolitan area during the same period. In 2011 he developed in cooperation with „Brühlmann Loetscher Architekten“ the redcheck, a standardised procedure for evaluating the potential value of real estate properties.
His core skills are project development, project management, and strategic consulting for real estate projects.
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